Foil-PE Woven Laminated foil insulation

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Meiyuan has 30 years of experience in producing aluminum foil tape .We can produce .single- sided aluminum foil Facing, Double-sided reinforced aluminum foil Facing, and Foil-PE Woven Laminated ,multilayer aluminum polyester composite foils to laminate or combine with others for insulation industry.

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PE Laminated Alu Foil has good reflectivity, strong mechanical properties, high tear resistance, good insulation and weather resistance properties along with a soft feel.



Widely used in industrial packaging, machinery packaging, insulation of roof, wall and ceiling, and is dust and radiation proof.

  • Roof,Underlay,Under Concrete & floor Insulation;
  • Attic,Crawl Space,Stud Wall ,Metal Frame Building Insulation.
  • Protective coatings of ventilating pipe,HVAC Duct & Pipe;
  • Shells of air conditioner and water heater.
  • For storge: like cargo storage
  • For all purpose cover: ground cover,truck cover,ship cover,trailer cover,equipment cover,construction site cover
  • For awnings,canvas,canopy,sunshades,sunllinds,emergency shelter

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7mic Aluminum foil/PE/Woven fabric

Corrosion resistance, good reflectivity, strong mechanical properties, high tear resistance, with a soft feel.


7mic Aluminum foil/PE/ Woven fabric/PE/

7mic Aluminum foil

Double-sided reflective insulation and corrosion resistance with strong mechanical properties and high tear resistance.


If you have related needs for PE Laminated Alu Foil,please contact us,We will be the fastest time to provide you with the best products,welcome to visit our company !


Q:Can I get some samples for testing before placing order ?

A:Yes, we can provide you some free samples for your reference if you would like to bear the express cost.


Q: What parameters do I need to provide to get an accurate quotation?

A:You need to provide the length, width, thickness and quantity of the product. We will provide you with the best price through the information you provide.


Q:What is the lead time?

A: For customized products, we will arrange the order according to the order quantity and confirm the delivery time with you .

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