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Cloth Duct Tape, adopts fabric cloth with colorful polyethylene covering, be coated with synthetic rubber-resin adhesive. A variety of colors for selection .

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The average fabric structure of the tape also shows good hand tear properties in the transverse direction.Some large objects bundling tape resistance can not be very strong to complete the packaging bundling operation, in this case we can use cloth duct tape instead of ordinary tape.

MEIYUAN Cloth duct tape has tensile resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, temperature resistance, waterproof, corrosion resistance, in our pipeline damage, ground marking can be used to cloth duct tape.

It enjoys fast stick, straight and smooth tear, good tensile strength, excellent moisture resistant. It conforms well to irregular surface. It is a good choice for bundling, heavy carton packing, general maintenance, pipe wrapping, carpet fixing, air-conditioning duct’s seam and joint sealing etc.


Powerful adhesive creates a long-lasting bond

The flexible, extremely tear-resistant Tape is very cuddly on textured surfaces, it adapts to unevenness perfectly.

our range offers you many more adhesive tapes in different quality.


  • There are strong adhesives even on rough surfaces
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Horizontal or longitudinal hand tear, neat edges
  • Surface easy to write
  • Good post
  • It is available in eight colours: black, white, grey, yellow, blue, red, green and brown
  • The product description


  • Strapping and reinforcing heavy piping and frame contours
  • Plug holes or cover other openings
  • Identify lines and cables
  • Label or color identification
  • The ground mark
  • Permanent pipe seal
  • Protect sharp edges
  • Fixation and insulation of electric wires
  • Sealing cans or pipes

And more...

Permanent pipe seal

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Test Method




PSTC-33 / ASTM D3652

Peel Adhesion(180°)



PSTC-1 / ASTM D3330

Tensile Strength



PSTC-31 / ASTM D3759

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