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Aluminum Fiberglass Cloth Tape is made of fiberglass composite aluminum foil veneer coated with high-performance solvent-based/synthetic rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive and composite single-sided PE coated silicone release paper.


Aluminum & Fiberglass cloth backing gives excellent reflective properties for both heat & light

High tensile strength.

Ideal vapour barrier due to low moisture vapour transmission rate.

Suitable for duct sealing & joining of HVAC (Heat, Ventilation & AC) systems.

Used in duct board joint & seams; joining & sealing industrial pipes & duct insulation.


Glass fiber cloth aluminum foil tear constantly, can be pulled. Flame retardant products, high tensile strength, breaking strength, tear resistance, soft substrate, paste flat, good flame retardant performance.


Has outstanding vapor barrier and extremely high mechanical strength and oxidation resistance, with strong cohesion, corrosion resistance and weak acid and alkali resistance.



Suitable for pipe sealing splicing and heat insulation and vapor barrier of HVAC duct and cold/hot water pipes, especially the pipe sealing in shipbuilding industry.

Air leakage prevention, emergency repair flame retardant, shielding and interference prevention

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Tack Rolling Ball


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